After testing positive for alcohol, Lindsay Lohan arrived in court this morning for a probation violation hearing -- a legal bout that was apparently never even supposed to take place.

After facing Judge Stephanie Sautner, in what looked like could have resulted in jail time for Lohan, it was ruled that the starlet would get off scot free -- but only on a technicality. Before being placed under house arrest, Lohan was ordered to adhere to controlled substance testing, not alcohol testing. On top of that, Lohan's substance testing was only supposed to take place between February 3 and February 25.

But the judge did rule that Lohan is only permitted one friend to visit her Venice, California home at a time. She is also forbidden from hosting any parties. According to Sautner, the only thing Lohan is guilty of is "extremely poor judgement," according to TMZ.

Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, was all smiles after the court appearance telling reporters, "I feel like you guys are disappointed ... [Lohan's] done nothing wrong. She's done everything right. So let's give her credit for that."