BonoComing off the biggest, most profitable rock 'n' roll tour in history, U2 are sometimes considered the world's biggest band. But there's one thing they haven't done that most of the other "world's biggest bands" usually do, and that's headline major festivals.

Thus, as odd as it may seem to say it, they might actually be a little unprepared for their headlining slot at Glastonbury this coming Friday night.

Additionally, U2 have gotten used to letting the Claw -- their massive, custom-made, biggest-of-its-kind stadium set -- help them entertain audiences, with its double stages, state-of-the-art light rig and the largest video screen to ever tour with a band.

"[Glastonbury] is about a band being able to get up and play the music and there aren't bells and whistles, necessarily," drummer Larry Mullen Jr. tells BBC Radio 1. "That's a challenge for us and we've got something to prove."