Oh, to be Liv Tyler. She's gorgeous, has a career as eclectic as you can get in showbiz and her dad has somehow gotten famous-er at an age when most men his age are pumping the breaks. The 33-year-old single mom (she and Royston Langdon split in 2008) stole hearts early in her career, beginning with 'Empire Records,' and has sprinkled monster blockbusters ('Lord of the Rings') with smaller fare ('Cookie's Fortune') ever since. She's been on a break since 2008's 'The Incredible Hulk' but is back in 'The Ledge,' a new thriller involving a tricky love triangle and deep theological questions. The soft-spoken star tried her best to outline the complicated film in a chat with PopEater (she passed with flying colors) and whether a born-again Christian character will rub religious folks the wrong way (she doesn't think so). We touched on 'The Hobbit,' her adorable overbite, and the career boost her dad, Steven Tyler, is enjoying due to 'American Idol.'

"Friends, friends' mothers, kids, all different people come up to me pretty much everyday to say, 'Oh we love your Dad. He's so special and beautiful,'" she tells PopEater. "There's a real feeling of love which I think is incredible and quite powerful. I really just feel very proud of him."