As one of the biggest discoveries to come out of NBC's 'America's Got Talent,' Jackie Evancho has had an exciting year.

The 11-year-old classical singer released a best-selling Christmas album during the holiday season, and just released her major-label debut, 'Dream With Me.'

On Friday's episode of 'The Talk' (CBS), Sharon Osbourne -- who does double duty as both 'Talent' judge and 'Talk' host -- asked the pint-sized vocalist about the favorite people she's met and places she's been.

Evancho is from Pittsburgh but has definitely taken a shine to Hollywood life. Her favorite locale to visit? "I love being in Malibu," she said. "It's so cool there, and the water is just, it's nice....and I love the beach." Most impressive to the grade-schooler? "I found a sand dollar there," she revealed with a grin.