We all could have guessed that Eminem has split personalities, but lately, the rap superstar truly has been doing double duty, splitting his time between his solo career (he just headlined Bonnaroo) and his latest project, Bad Meets Evil.

Now, in the new video for 'Space Bound,' the latest single from Em's 2010 blockbuster album, 'Recovery,' we see two versions of the Detroit rapper playing out alternate scenarios with a graphic, shocking turning point. Be warned, his journey involves a suicidal choice -- one he may be only imagining.

In the dark, dramatic clip, directed by Joseph Kahn, two versions of Eminem enter a diner. One sits at a booth with his girlfriend (played by porn star Sasha Grey), and learns from glancing at her phone that his "supernova" lover is cheating. Meanwhile, the other Eminem sits at the deli counter, alone. Without question, both are suffering a painful heartbreak.

So, will the real Slim Shady please stand up? Check out the new video after the jump.