Move over, Dr. Drew. After years as an actress with harrowing substance abuse battles, and a recent memoir detailing incest in her family, former 'One Day at a Time' star Mackenzie Phillips is reportedly seeking a fresh start with a new career: addiction counselor.

This weekend, sources tell TMZ that Phillips, 51, is approximately half-way done with a certification program that would pave the way for what she hopes will be her new life's work helping others.

But that doesn't mean she's leaving show business altogether.

A reality TV show may also be in the works. Her journey to become a addiction treatment specialist is allegedly being chronicled for a cable series titled 'No Relapse,' produced by 44 Blue (the company behind MSNBC's 'Lockup' and Spike TV's 'Pirate Hunters'). Already, insiders say the show is attracting "strong interest from multiple networks."