'Boardwalk Empire' star Paz de la Huerta is in the middle of another sloppy scandal. The HBO troublemaker reportedly caused quite a scene last week at a fancy hotel party in New York, new that's definitely not helping her less-than-stellar reputation.

According to E! Online, de la Huerta attended UrbanDaddy's Chivas Day of Brotherhood gala at the Bowery Hotel and had her fair share of fun at the expense of other guests.

The actress, reportedly wearing a barely-there, slinky black dress, first angered partygoers when she cut the line to have her picture taken in faux photo shoot, set up on a couch. The photographer, who tried to give the HBO star suggestions, got snapped at by the sassy actress.

In what must have escalated into a really sloppy scene, de la Huerta reportedly began rolling around and making faces on the couch while an intrigued and irritated crowd began to form around her.