Howie Mandel is back as one of the triumvirate of judges on NBC's top-rated variety show 'America's Got Talented.' The Canadian funnyman spoke to PopEater about his style of judging on the show and defends the quirky acts that tend to do so well. He also fills us in on a new show he's working on about flash mobs and what it's like to be a 200-nights-a-year stand-up while simultaneously maintaining a life as a germophobe with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Before we get to the Qs and the As, a few Wow, I'm sorry, How moments:

► If he has a stand-up gig west of the Mississippi, Howie flies privately back to L.A.; If it's in the northeast, he'll fly to Toronto.
► Why you always see him fist-bumping: "I can hug, I can't shake hands. I can't get past the hands. I know it makes no sense."
► His fear of becoming too much like Howard Hughes: "I'm really not that far from him. I live on the edge and I can see without the therapy and medicine how that's not so far fetched."