Holy catfight! The 'Real Housewives of New York' reunion special was taped last Wednesday at Capital in NYC and it was full of tears, laughter and betrayal but nothing was as interesting as one Real Housewife talking about the show in the past tense. "Cindy [Barshop] barely spoke at the taping," a cast member tells me, "And when she did talk about her time on the show it was in the past tense. She is definitely not coming back."

Also buzzing around today is a new report by HollywoodLife that in addition to Cindy, original housewife Alex McCord will also not be around for a fifth season, but in an exclusive statement to PopEater, Alex rebuffs such claims.

"If I had a dollar every time an 'inside source,' i.e. a cast member, leaked a 'story' that I was out of RHONY, I'd be a multi-millionairess!" Alex wrote to me.