Princess Diana's 50th birthday is only days away and to honor the late princess, Newsweek wrote a cover story speculating what her life would like now--complete with digitally-altered images showing what she'd look like in 2011.

The cover image shows an aged Diana superimposed on an image of out-and-about Duchess Catherine. Attention-grabbing? Yes. Creepy? Maybe a little.

Tina Brown, editor-in-chief of Newsweek and Diana biographer, penned the cover story, which also includes an imagined Facebook page kept by the Princess. PEOPLE reports that Brown also predicts Diana would have moved to New York, indulged in Botox and engaged wholeheartedly in the social networking site, Twitter.

"Diana would have been 50 this month," Brown wrote. "What would she have been like? Still great-looking: that's a given."