Shia LaBeouf isn't one to hold his tongue - or his fist for that matter - and he isn't going to change his tune for studio heads, girlfriends or strangers in a bar looking for trouble. Although that may be the reputation the 'Transformers' star has managed to build for himself, there is so much more to this talented young actor.

LaBeouf covers the August issue of DETAILS magazine and opens up about the women in his life, his past films and his uncanny knack for finding himself in hot water.

The 25-year-old star wound up in handcuffs last winter after an altercation at a Los Angeles bar and has on multiple occasions gotten into a scuffle or two with paparazzi. He hasn't necessarily been known for being warm and fuzzy but DETAILS asked about his rough around the edges exterior and he admits that although he may not always be kind, he is always honest.