Chuck BerryRock 'n' roll history buffs, music aficionados and statue-loving citizens can relax now -- a short-lived protest against a proposed eight-foot Chuck Berry statue in his hometown of St. Louis, Mo. has been quieted after the local council rejected the protesters' bid to delay its installation.

The statue will soon be a permanent adornment in a public area that acts as a gateway to a row of restaurants, shops and Blueberry Hill -- the revered nightclub where Berry still performs to this day.

The opposition wanted to hold Berry, age 84, accountable for crimes that he paid for long ago. While he was convicted of armed robbery as a teenager -- and tax evasion in 1979 -- the issue that they had with the rock 'n' roll legend (and forefather) mostly centered around a 1962 conviction in which Berry was found guilty of violating the Mann Act.