It seems like every other week we're promised that the newest, hottest, latest raven-haired beauty in town will take reign as the 'new Megan Fox.' The sultry, tattoo loving bad girl seemed to have cornered an unspoken niche right out of the gate. Her sex speaking pout and car mechanic (really?) 'Transformers' character immediately made her leader of the pack -- a spot every girl with a great face and an even better body was vying for.

Men drool at the very drop of the 25-year-old's name and women mock her salacious sex appeal while secretly clicking through Megan Fox makeup tutorial videos on YouTube. But when it comes down to brass tacks, the girl is only known for one franchise, 'Transformers' -- and not even a complete one at that. Her sharp tongue got her fired from the series after just two films after she referred to director, Michael Bay as "Hitler."

Since her big splash in the summer blockbuster circuit in 2007, she's made an even bigger splash on her way out of it, becoming the actress who can't seem to keep her mouth shut. Seeminly every week the media musters their picks for 'the next Megan Fox,' hoping that one of the 'new girls' will have what it takes to boost Fox from her throne -- and we've got to say, the girl's got a hell of a grip.