It was a little over a year ago that Sarah Ferguson, ex-wife of Prince Andrew, found herself ensnared in a scandal. The Duchess of York was secretly videotaped receiving a suitcase stuffed with cash in exchange for what seemed like access to her ex-husband. The media tsunami that followed sent her into a deep hole of depression which she has only just started to climb out of. Now her new memoir, 'Finding Sarah: A Duchess's Journey To Find Herself,' has been released. It coincides with a six-episode docuseries on OWN which shows Ferguson searching for answers from people like Dr. Phil and Suze Orman. The 51 year old still sounded unsure and shaky when she spoke to PopEater but is unfailingly honest about her outcast status in the Royal Family and the weight of her tabloid scandal, which she believes was the British media's way of "discrediting me totally and publicly and that's what they've done."