Jeff TimmonsIt looks like boy bander turned Chippendales dancer, Jeff Timmons, just can't get enough of his bow tie and shirt cuffs. Last night he was spotted posing with Playboy Playmate, Jessa Lynn Hinton as she arrived at the Chippendales Theater in Las Vegas, and we couldn't help but notice he was still in his 'costume.' His run with the all male review was supposed to have ended mid-June.

The former 98' Degrees star first announced, back in April, that he'd be joining the dance crew at the Rio Hotel for a brief, four week run from May 12 through June 5. But to our surprise (not really) he extended his run not once, but apparently twice.

Originally his extension was through June 19, but the 'I Do (Cherish You)' singer will be wearing that bow tie all the way through the summer. As the Chippendale's website now says, "You asked and we delivered!!! Due to popular demand Jeff Timmons will be performing with the world famous Chippendales through the summer!!!"