It looks like Pauly D is facing some bigger problems this summer other than deciding which club he should go to at the Jersey Shore. The DJ-turned-reality star is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit with a hefty $4 million price tag.

According to the New York Post, Paul Lis -- a Connecticut DJ who goes by the stage name 'DJ Paulie' -- has filed a suit against the fist-pumping 'Jersey Shore' star, MTV and the businesses that have contracts with him.

His reasoning? He claims he has spent 40 years building up his DJ name and business and ever since DJ Pauly D -- a.k.a Paul DelVecchio -- made his MTV debut, his business has suffered.

"[Lis] formally trademarked the name 'DJ Paulie' and then came the 'Jersey Shore' which basically wiped him off the face of the map," attorney Jose M. Rojas said.