Forget forking over the cash -- or rather defrauded winnings -- he raked in at a series of high stakes underground Hollywood poker games, Tobey Maguire says his gambling wins were totally legit. The 'Spider-Man' star's sticky fingers sure are making a comeback -- this time, in the court room.

According to Radar Online, Maguire has filed a contradictory response to the lawsuit alleging that the money he won during his lucky streak with the card table sport was actually money a California hedge funder, Brad Ruderman, had illegally 'borrowed' from investors. A now incarcerated Ruderman created a Ponzi scheme in attempt to pay back his initial investors the money Maguire had won from him. The lawsuit seeks $300,000 in winnings to be returned to the suit's trustees.

So how is the former super hero going to get himself out of this one? Maguire insists that the underground ring was not a formal league of poker faced gentleman and denies that any ringleader (specifically a Molly Bloom who has admitted that she was in control of the structured ring of A-list gamblers) was ever appointed.