Sure we may not sound as regal as the British, as high on life as the Scottish or as effortlessly cool as Australians but hey, we do have some pull when it comes to our favorite actor imports ditching their mother tongue for a good ol' American drawl.

From Hugh Laurie, Ed Westwick and Ryan Kwanten to Andrew Garfield and Emma Watson, they may find their motherland across the pond but they certainly feel right at home portraying the red, white and blue on camera. From Australian to backyard Southern and English to Upper East Side, these experts of their craft not only had to get the lines down but had to train with linguists to find the highs and lows of our gorgeous dialect.

So let's raise our glass to the wannabes out there -- you may have nailed your on-screen interpretation of us Yankees but there's still one thing that just can't be learned, our pride.