UsherUsher closed out the first day of the Essence Music Festival on Friday (July 1), with a rousing two hour performance in which he paid homage to the late Michael Jackson.

Shocking the audience with his entrance, the Grammy winner emerged from a platform in the middle of the New Orleans Superdome high above the crowd, before breaking into his set. "Welcome to the first day of the Essence Music Festival," he said in between crowd cheers. "Are you guys having a good time?

From there he launched into a timeline of hits including 'You Make Me Wanna,' 'Bad Girl, 'Nice & Slow' and 'Lil Freak.'

Amidst four costume changes, and nearing the end of his show, Usher honored the two year anniversary of Jackson's death. "Six days ago marks the death of Michael Jackson," he said. "I'd like to pay tribute to him, is that all right with you guys?"