Forget attorney, Jose Baez. Forget Casey Anthony. The real star of the never ending legal circus that dominated the holiday weekend is none other than Judge Belvin Perry, who, experts agree, could have a second career waiting for him as a television judge.

"I can certainly see him becoming the next big TV judge," said attorney Joey Jackson, who has been covering the trial for Fox News.

After months of court proceedings, on Tuesday, Perry confirmed the jury's verdict that Anthony was not guilty of first degree murder -- a verdict that visibly outraged the celebrity Twitter community. But Perry's shocking ruling, although an unpopular one, may only further catapult him into the celebrity judge world. Guilty or not guilty, Perry stuck to his guns throughout the trial, keeping attorneys in line and holding them accountable, dealing with even the craziest aspects of the case with an even temperament and being patient, yet rigid, in moving the case forward.