Zac Efron Malin AkermanThe fourth of July weekend has come and gone and with it has taken, on beaches from coast to coast, some of Hollywood's hottest celebrities. But don't worry, we've gathered photos of your favorite beach going stars as they took off their coverups and showed off their beach bodies. Feast your eyes!

Malin Akerman was snapped strutting down the beaches of Miami, Florida in her black tube top bikini and some barely there daisy dukes. The beauty is currently filming "Rock of Ages" in the Sunshine State.

Zac Efron spent the holiday weekend showing off his chiseled arms and toned tummy in Malibu, California for his former 'High School Musical' cast mate and pal, Ashley Tisdale's birthday celebration. Efron hit the sand with some of his buddies before heading to the house party with his Disney co-star, who was sporting a darker head of hair and a geometric patterned, '80's throwback bikini.