LeAnn Rimes' slender physique has been criticized time and time again, but the newlywed actress certainly wasn't shy about showing off her skinny self in Malibu over the long weekend.

Donning only a red string bikini, Rimes took to Twitter to show off her "curves," tweeting black-and-white photos of herself on the beach on Sunday.

Rimes has been criticized about looking too skinny these days, causing her trainer, named Michael Jackson, to speak out in her defense.

"I know it really bothers her," Jackson told FOX411.com about all the press surrounding Rimes' body. "A lot of people see pictures of LeAnn and assume certain things. But we're in the process of putting a video together that she'll post to her blog so that people will see what it is that we're doing to get her in shape ... know she's really anxious to show people -- excuse my French -- that she takes her s**t seriously."