It's been a rough couple of months for 'Real Housewives of New York City' star Sonja Morgan, and the hits just keep on coming. The reality star is in the middle of a nasty court battle with her ex and could be forced to sell her $6 million New York home to cover her debts.

According to E! Online, Morgan is battling her ex-husband, 80-year-old John Adams Morgan, for more money in their $3 million divorce settlement. The Bravo star filed for bankruptcy last fall and needs some cash ASAP, considering she claims she's $20 million in debt.

"Sonja is devastated, she's considering the house gone already," a source told E! "She wants to sell it back to her ex-husband, so she can make that money off it and her daughter can live there, but he's refusing. She wants to keep it for her daughter, but it seems she'll have to sell it and lose it altogether. She needs the money because he's not giving her a cent more and she's now more than $7 million in the hole."

"She's in denial, it's only just started to hit her how much trouble she's in," the source continued. "She makes $275,000 a year on 'Housewives,' which would be good for anyone else but it won't save her."