Georgette Jones was born into country music royalty. Her mother is the late Tammy Wynette and her father, George Jones. But life for the 40 year old has not been a honky-tonk heaven. Her parents divorced when she was four and for many years she had a distant and unhappy relationship with her father. Her mother, who famously sang 'Stand By Your Man,' was trapped in an unhappy marriage to singer/songwriter George Richey and developed a dependency on pain killers. Georgette became a nurse and only recently gave it up to pursue her dream of, you guessed it, singing country music. PopEater caught up with Jones to talk about her just-out memoir, 'The Three of Us: Growing Up With Tammy and George,' and reflects on mom's "con man" of a fifth husband, who she believes abused Tammy and concocted a still-murky kidnapping story in 1978 to account for bruises on the star.