John Mayer Defends Getting 'Stoned'

Posted Oct 21st 2009 at 04:30 PM by Dan Reilly

In an age when the slightest misstep or misunderstanding can cause controversy -- see Harry Connick Jr.'s recent blackface troubles -- John Mayer isn't playing it safe. In fact, his new single, 'Who Says,' boldly begins with the line "Who says I can't get stoned?" "It's not a dirty word. It's not a curse word," Mayer tells PopEater of the first single from his upcoming album, 'Battle Studies.' ...

John Mayer Reveals His Non-Celebrity Side in 'Who Says' Video

Posted Oct 19th 2009 at 03:30 PM by Dan Reilly

When it came time to film video for 'Who Says,' John Mayer's first single off his forthcoming album 'Battle Studies,' the singer/guitarist decided to give fans a realistic glimpse into his life out of the spotlight. "It's sort of a country-ish song and I had the idea juxtapose it over something really metropolitan," Mayer tells PopEater of the NYC-filmed clip. "I want people to watch the video and...

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