Five Ways James Franco Can Out-Weird Himself

Posted Oct 11th 2010 at 05:29 PM by Pilot Viruet

Lately it seems James Franco has been constantly one-upping himself in terms of his own eccentricity. It started with the 32-year-old enrolling in anywhere between four and 80 graduate schools, continued with his odd "performance art" on 'General Hospital,' and recently crescendoed to his drag queen cover shoot for Candy Magazine. The star of the upcoming '127 Hours' is utterly, infallibly ... w...

Pop-Ed: Mary-Louise Parker's Horrible Mom Protagonist Is Ruining 'Weeds'

Posted Sep 14th 2010 at 09:00 AM by Pilot Viruet

Pop-Ed: When 'Weeds' premiered way back in 2005, it was the perfect satire of suburbia. It had an original concept, solid writing, interesting characters and was poised to become one of Showtime's smartest programs. But by the time season three rolled around, creator Jenji Kohan failed to realize you can't do suburban satire when you take everyone out of the suburbs, and you can't have original...

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