Eva Mendes

  • Eva Mendes Sings In New Perfume Campaign (Video)

    Posted Jun 24th 2011 at 02:10 AM by The Editors of StyleList

    Eva Mendes has been named the new face of the iconic scent, as well as the soon-to-launch, airier Eau De Toilette version available this August. The campaign--which was shot in Prague--features the actress (in a custom Mugler dress) singing with an orchestra. Though this wasn't the initial concept for the commercial: When Mendes was prepping for the shoot she found inspiration by singing alo...

  • Eva Mendes Explains Why She'll Never Marry (Video)

    Posted May 27th 2011 at 08:17 AM by AOL TV Editors

    Actress Eva Mendes has a lot in common with the host of 'Chelsea Lately.' Apart from sharing a taste for shoes with really super-high heels, both Mendes and Chelsea Handler admit they have an aversion to getting married. Mendes believes in true love and spiritual unions and all that good stuff -- she's just not into having a piece of paper to seal the deal. "We were doing it for land originally...

  • 'Last Night' Cast Talks Temptation at Tribeca

    Posted May 2nd 2011 at 11:45 AM by Elizabeth Yun

    Temptation and morality are at the forefront of writer and first-time director Massy Tadjedin's 'Last Night.' The film centers on a young married couple, played by Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington, who test their commitment to each other during a night away from each other. Following a jealous argument between Joanna (Knightley) and Alex (Worthington), Alex goes on a business trip with his a...

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