Helena Bonham Carter

  • Does Helena Bonham Carter Need an Oscars Stylist?

    Posted Feb 26th 2011 at 12:00 AM by Amber James

    By showing up the the 2011 Golden Globes wearing mismatched shoes, HelenaBonham Carter proved she doesn't adhere to fashion rules. And even though the quirky actress already dubbed her upcoming Oscars gown a "catastrophe," one stylist hopes the nominated actress will take her fashion statement a little more seriously for the Oscars. "She is a brilliant actress, so she needs to be a bit more s...

  • Why Best Supporting Actress Is the Race to Watch at This Year's Oscars

    Posted Feb 7th 2011 at 04:45 PM by John Mitchell

    Award shows are fun. You've got beautiful actresses in glamorous designer dresses and handsome actors in tuxes passing out prizes to the movies and stars we love to love (or love to hate). It's all very self-congratulatory and sparkly and exciting. Except when it isn't. You see, myself and my pop culture-writing brethren just love to think out loud about who is going to win, and sometimes that tak...

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