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Katie Couric

  • Katie Couric Talks Palin, Says Trump Acted Like a Jacka** (Video)

    Posted Jun 7th 2011 at 09:04 AM by AOL TV Editors

    Katie Couric may no longer be the anchor for the 'CBS Evening News,' but she has plenty of opinions about some of the top political personalities. She talked a little about both Sarah Palin and Donald Trump on 'The Tonight Show.' She hit the nail on the head in saying that Palin is such a polarizing figure that she is equally fascinating to both her supporters and detractors. "She makes good co...

  • Katie Couric to Host ABC Daytime Talk Show

    Posted Jun 6th 2011 at 02:20 PM by AOL TV Editors

    It's official. After weeks of speculation, Katie Couric has officially announced that she will join the ABC family as host of a brand new syndicated talk show as well as with a role at ABC news. Couric's new show reunites her with her former NBC boss Jeff Zucker, who will produce the new series. The untitled show will debut in September 2012 and film in New York. "I'm very happy to be returning t...

  • Katie Couric Set to Sign ABC Talk Show Contract

    Posted Jun 6th 2011 at 09:04 AM by AOL TV Editors

    Katie Couric's contract with CBS expires today, and she's widely expected to announce that she's signing a deal with ABC to host a syndicated daytime talk show. The New York Times reports that both NBC and CBS held unsuccessful talks with Couric, who remains a hot property despite disappointing ratings during her tenure at 'The CBS Evening News.' Rumors that she was close to a deal with ABC ...

  • Katie Couric Signs Off From CBS Evening News for Last Time (Video)

    Posted May 19th 2011 at 09:40 PM by Tracey Harrington McCoy

    After almost five years of anchoring the CBS Evening News, Katie Couric said goodbye for the last time Thursday night, E! reports. Following a montage featuring some of her most memorable moments, including interviews with President Barack Obama, Valerie Plume, Alex Rodriquez and Clint Eastwood and trips to the Middle East and Africa and coverage of the royal wedding and the death of ...

  • Katie Couric Announces Departure from 'CBS Evening News'

    Posted Apr 26th 2011 at 03:15 PM by Sarah Crow

    Katie Couric is signing off for good from her position at 'CBS Evening News.' While there have been rumors for weeks regarding a potential career change for Couric, it was only today that the anchor confirmed the news to PEOPLE. "I have decided to step down from the 'CBS Evening News,'" Couric announced. "I'm really proud of the talented team on the 'CBS Evening News' and the award-winning ...

  • Katie Couric Awkwardly Deflects Questions About Her Future Plans

    Posted Apr 13th 2011 at 02:15 AM by AOL TV Editors

    There has been frequent speculation lately that Katie Couric will be leaving 'CBS Evening News' for another show, perhaps even for her old gig on 'Today.' Couric dodged most of Barbara Walters' pointed questions today on 'The View' about her job status, saying there has been no announcement and her plans, whatever they may be, are not public. "Will you finally confirm that you're leaving alr...

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