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Kirstie Alley

  • Kirstie Alley Goes Aerial With Freestyle Stunts on 'Dancing with the Stars' (Video)

    Posted May 24th 2011 at 02:40 AM by AOL TV Editors

    When it came to their freestyle dance, Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy decided to surprise everyone in this final performance episode of 'Dancing with the Stars'. In a routine filled with a surprising number of lifts, Alley proved lighter on her feet than we could have ever imagined. Sure, they weren't all perfectly executed, but the judges applauded her effort and confidence in tackli...

  • Kirstie Alley Locks Lips With 'Dancing' Castmate, 21 (Photo)

    Posted May 20th 2011 at 09:24 AM by Katelyn Mullen

    Although he isn't going to win the coveted 'Dancing With the Stars' trophy, it looks like Romeo may have won something else. Kirstie Alley's heart. The two were caught in a passionate lip lock outside of the 'Dancing' studios, raising some eyebrows. Could Alley, 60, literally have found her Romeo and be looking for love with her former co-star? Sadly, no. The joke is on us. Alley took to Twi...

  • Video: Kirstie Alley Hits New Highs and Drops an S-Bomb on 'Dancing With the Stars'

    Posted May 10th 2011 at 05:15 AM by AOL TV Editors

    Kirstie Alley got off to a great start on her night with a 28 for the Argentine Tango. That proved to be her best marks of the season, but she didn't sit back and tackled her second performance on 'Dancing with the Stars' with as much fervor and conviction. During Bruno Tonioli's praise, Alley apparently dropped an s-bomb on live television, but the ABC censors caught it. In fact, they got s...

  • Kirstie Alley Returning to Scripted TV

    Posted Apr 26th 2011 at 02:10 PM by AOL TV Editors

    Kirstie Alley is eying a return to situation comedy with potential projects in the works at TV Land and HBO. The 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant spilled the beans to AOL TV's Michael Maloney on the 'DWTS' press line last night. "I have a series being written for me right now that I really love the concept of," Alley told AOL TV. "They're doing it for TV Land and I like those guys. They a...

  • Video: Kirstie Alley Takes Charge With an Error-Free Fox Trot

    Posted Apr 19th 2011 at 01:35 AM by AOL TV Editors

    Kirstie Alley was probably thrilled to strike that final domineering pose of her Fox Trot as it marked the first time in three weeks of 'Dancing with the Stars' that she got through a dance without a single mishap. While it was a fun and patriotic dance to The Guess Who's 'American Woman,' we weren't as sold on Alley's odd jumpsuit wardrobe selection. Maksim Chmerkovskiy kept it simple by ba...

  • Video: Kirstie Alley Suffers Another Mishap on 'Dancing'

    Posted Apr 12th 2011 at 01:05 AM by AOL TV Editors

    Kirstie Alley has stumbled into a run of bad luck on 'Dancing with the Stars'. But it wasn't a stumble that tripped her up this week. Rather, she lost her shoe during a spin with partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy. The camera crew had a choice to either follow Chmerkovskiy, who was doing a bit of a solo across the floor while Alley held a seated position, or zoom in on her frantically fumbling to get ...

  • Injured Kirstie Alley Refuses to Stop 'Dancing'

    Posted Apr 5th 2011 at 11:20 AM by Rob Shuter

    If Kirstie Alley didn't seem at her best last night when she hit the dance floor, it was because injury has been plaguing the actress all week -- but nothing was going to stop her from dancing. "Kirstie has been practicing so hard that she pulled a muscle," an insider tells me. "It isn't a major injury, but it has taught her how important it is to listen to her body and not push herself too h...

  • Video: Kirstie Alley Takes a Tumble on 'Dancing with the Stars'

    Posted Apr 5th 2011 at 02:00 AM by AOL TV Editors

    It may not have looked like a massive tumble, but Maksim Chmerkovskiy clearly injured something rather painfully toward the beginning of his rumba with Kirstie Alley on 'Dancing with the Stars' this week. Chmerkovskiy said his "thigh just gave out." In a number filled with emotional meaning for Alley, it was a shame they got off to such a shaky start. Even after they recovered their feet,...

  • Kirstie Alley's 'Dancing' Secret Weapon: George Lopez

    Posted Mar 29th 2011 at 09:30 AM by Rob Shuter

    Kirstie Alley has admitted she gets dancing tips from her 'Look Who's Talking' co-star and friend-in-Scientology John Travolta, but her real secret to success this season of 'Dancing With the Stars' is none other than pig-bomb thrower George Lopez. "George thought he was funny calling Kirstie a pig, but she's had the last laugh," a 'DWTS' insider tells me. "Poking fun about her weight was a gif...

  • Can Feisty Kirstie Alley Out Dance Athletic Kendra Wilkinson For 'DWTS' Coveted Mirror Ball Trophy?

    Posted Mar 26th 2011 at 10:00 AM by Emily Hall

    Although comedian-talk host George Lopez compared actress Kirstie Alley, 60, to a pig when describing her "little hooves tapping away" (he has since apologized) on the debut of ABC's latest season of 'Dancing With the Stars,' her fiery cha-cha was dazzling, earning 23 points from the trio of judges. Meanwhile, agile and athletic Kendra Wilkinson, 25, let her nerves get in the way of what should...

  • George Lopez Apologizes to Kirstie Alley on Twitter

    Posted Mar 25th 2011 at 11:55 AM by Sarah Crow

    George Lopez made some nasty comparisons between Kirstie Alley and an animal earlier this week, but now it's Lopez who's got his tail between his legs. Following Alley's debut on 'Dancing With the Stars,' Lopez compared the actress's routine to a pig with "little hooves tapping away." Lopez followed up his insensitive comment by joking, "Before the show, she went to the market and then she had ...

  • George Lopez Compares Kirstie Alley to a Pig

    Posted Mar 24th 2011 at 02:35 PM by Sarah Crow

    Kirstie Alley has gained some girth since her days on 'Cheers,' and George Lopez isn't about to let her forget it. Lopez launched an attack on the 'DWTS' star's fuller figure on 'Lopez Tonight,' saying of her first performance, "She did a nice job, her little hooves tapping away." While Alley declared on Twitter, "lost 60 lbs before DWTS... Haven't weighed in three weeks but sure I've lost ...

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