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The Pop Chorus

  • The Wedding Ring Thing: Is Sandra Bullock's Bare Finger a Big Deal? Readers Tell Us

    Posted Apr 20th 2010 at 04:25 PM by The Pop Chorus

    In the first clear photograph taken of Sandra Bullock since Jesse James' infidelities were made public, the Oscar winner is seen hiking in Northern California...without her wedding ring. While we have every reason to believe Sandra and Jesse will divorce, nothing is set in stone, and the story got us wondering: Is a missing wedding ring a sure sign of anything, or is it sometimes just not a big ...

  • Paula Abdul's Absence Leaves Major Void in 'American Idol': Our Readers React

    Posted Apr 13th 2010 at 03:15 PM by The Pop Chorus

    'American Idol' is missing a certain special something without Paula Abdul's presence, and it's getting clearer week after week, both in our hearts and in the slipping ratings. Some fans miss her wacky comments and zany manner. Some miss her positive vibe and almost maternal style of criticism. Some miss the way Paula championed artists that may have never broken through without her support (Adam ...

  • Five Infidelity Victims Offer Advice for Sandra Bullock

    Posted Mar 22nd 2010 at 04:30 PM by The Pop Chorus

    With news of Jesse James cheating on wife Sandra Bullock with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, we turned to our ever-growing Pop Chorus for their own tales of infidelity and to seek out advice for the recent Best Actress Oscar winner. After the jump, five betrayed women share their stories and suggest different lines of action for Sandra Bullock....

  • Rooting for Gabby Sidibe: PopEater Readers Are in Her Corner

    Posted Mar 19th 2010 at 07:00 AM by The Pop Chorus

    PopEater has been steadily tracking the rise of breakthrough talent Gabourey Sidibe from the moment that the first screenings of 'Precious' took place in Sundance last winter. We cheered when Oprah and Tyler Perry stood behind the film, jumped for joy the day Gabby took home an Academy Award nomination and watched proudly as she owned the Oscar red carpet. We've been amazed that people doubted ...

  • Screenwriters Must Rise to the Challenge Gabby Sidibe Presents

    Posted Mar 17th 2010 at 11:20 AM by Erik Luers

    As you may have noticed, Academy Award-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe has been one of the most talked-about women of the winter season. Sure, she was great in the big indie earner 'Precious,' but people seem to be more interested in what she's going to be doing in the near future than what she's already accomplished. Why the curious need to look into the fortune teller's crystal ball? Well, ...

  • She Did It: Gabby Is an Inspiration To Those Who Think Only the Skinny Can Pursue Their Dreams

    Posted Mar 17th 2010 at 09:54 AM by Sylvie Branch

    Today, I'll watch Gabourey Sidibe. Ten years ago, I wouldn't have. Five years ago, I wouldn't have. But now, I will. This plus-sized actress and others, like Brooke Elliot and Queen Latifah, have transformed my outlook. I have always had an extreme fear of fat, going so far as to starve myself and recklessly abuse my body. My dreams were often shelved until I was thin enough. I'd say to myself,...

  • Thank You Howard Stern for Turning Me On To Gabby Sidibe

    Posted Mar 17th 2010 at 09:50 AM by Matthew Wilkening

    As a dedicated Howard Stern show listener and someone who thinks most Oprah Winfrey-supported movies are pandering and formulaic, I was very surprised to find myself, just yesterday, rooting for Gabourey Sidibe to have a long, successful career. I understand and agree with Howard's concern over the potential health concerns tied to her weight. But some people can handle extra pounds -- or smoki...

  • Why Former Jay Leno Fans Turned Their Back on 'The Tonight Show'

    Posted Mar 16th 2010 at 12:30 PM by The Pop Chorus

    Jay Leno has had a few weeks to settle back into his old 'Tonight Show' digs and the ratings show that he's already beaten David Letterman in overall viewership and the prized 18-34 demo. But we wondered whether any old fans decided not to go along for the ride. Were there any former Leno fans who were so turned off by January's late night drama that they suddenly found Jay hard to take? We as...

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