Ben Affleck's Best and Worst Movies

Ben Affleck’s acting career has been uneven, to say the least, complete with lows that were just painful to watch as well as some cult favorites and Oscar-worthy highs. Maybe after his recent hash of behind-the-camera projects such as Gone Baby Gone (2007) and The Town (2010), Affleck will decide directing is his true calling.


Good Will Hunting (1997)

Affleck wasn’t the lead actor in this 1997 drama, but his performance as Chuckie Sullivan was the most organic and powerful role he tackled in his young career. It probably helped that he co-wrote the screenplay with his best friend/butt buddy/leading man Matt Damon

Boiler Room (2000)

Affleck played an intense, hard-ass ponzi-scheme stockbroker named Jim Young. It was a small role, but he filled it out really well, stealing the spotlight during the few minutes he spent onscreen and adding some serious attitude to this underrated dark drama.

State of Play (2009)

State of Play
went largely unnoticed, but it was a very solid performance for Affleck. As an idealistic congressman caught in a political scandal, Affleck held his own alongside Oscar heavyweights like Russell Crowe and Helen Mirren. He has voiced an interest in politics in real life and, at the very least, State of Play makes him look the part.

Chasing Amy (1997)

It wasn’t an award-winning movie, but Affleck’s performance as Holden McNeil was touching, funny and made Chasing Amy a cult classic thanks to Kevin Smith’s clever writing. Affleck also got some comedic help being paired up with Jason Lee, which created a hilarious dynamic duo on the big screen. 


Gigli (2003)

If nothing else, Gigli symbolized the dysfunctional relationship between Ben Affleck and J-Lo. It, and the over-exposed relationship, permeated Hollywood with a foul taste that still lingered in moviegoers' mouths for years. Critics panned the film as a total wash, and some even called it the worst of all time. Needless to say, it swept the Razzie Awards in record-setting fashion that year. Cheesy accents, criminal lesbians and hostages. What’s not to love?
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Jersey Girl (2004)

Mostly considered Kevin Smith’s worst film, Jersey Girl had a decent cast including the now-departed George Carlin and (not so-coincidentally) Jennifer Lopez, who didn’t have a single line in the movie. The movie featured a lot of dopey daddy jokes, corny one-liners and a climax everyone and their poodle saw coming. 

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Daredevil (2003)

And yet another movie from Ben Affleck’s ‘Bennifer’ days…coincidence? We think not. People remember Daredevil as the moment love blossomed between Ben Affeck and Jennifer Garner and not for it’s cinematic excellence. A ridiculous tight red leather suit and a handful of gag-worthy romantic scenes crippled Affleck’s performance. The best part, however, was watching a cue ball Collin Farrell grunt like a gorilla for an hour. 

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Reindeer Games (2000)

Reindeer Games
is more of a punchline these days than a glorified action gem. Affleck’s character finds himself stuck helping low-life criminals rob a casino in what seems like some random corner in Colorado. It wasn’t the highlight of Charlize Theron’s career either. 

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