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When Hollywood is full of greed and vanity, it’s always refreshing to see a superstar stand up and give back, and George Clooney is as selfless as they come. Since 2006, Clooney has built a storied career in humanitarian efforts when he first became involved in supporting the genocide victims in Darfur.
Even back in 2005, he donated $1 million to the Hurricane Katrina relief fund with The United Way.
On March 25, 2007, Clooney sent an open letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel demanding Germany to take “decisive action” in the tragic Sudan region. "The coming together of Europe’s leaders this weekend is an ideal opportunity for the most stringent of sanctions to be put in place," Clooney wrote. "This genocide is happening on our watch. And what we do to stop it will be our legacy."
In April 2006, Clooney went to Darfur to shoot a documentary, called A Journey to Darfur with his father, documenting the tragedy in hopes of spreading awareness. It aired on the AmericanLife TV network.
In 2010 when the Haiti earthquake shook the world, Clooney was quick to start a telethon fundraiser in order to support the victims called Hope for Haiti Now.

In August 2010, George Clooney received the Humanitarian Award at the 2010 Emmy Awards, but Clooney was later quoted saying he was embarrassed by it. “You don’t want to be awarded for something you’re supposed to be doing,” he said.
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