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Is it his catchy tunes? His innocent, toothy smile? His prepubescent vocal stylings? Maybe it’s his big, brown puppy dog eyes? None of the above! Justin Bieber’s magic is all in the hair. So much attention has been given to the Canadian teen pop sensation’s hair that a bystander wouldn’t be remiss to observe, “Hey, that awesome hair has a boy attached to it!”
Sure, Bieber got ahead in the cutthroat world of pop music by singing catchy tunes, endearing himself to Usher and speaking in a contrived “hoody” accent, but his hair is where all the mojo lives. Its feathery strands just calling out for fans to reach out and touch it. And we’ve got to hand it to him, it looks pretty damn soft. We’re almost tempted to…

The magnetic quality of his hair is hard to describe, but it’s so powerful that a solid portion of his MTV documentary “The Diary of Justin Bieber” was dedicated to mesmerizing footage of him styling his locks. Towel dry, blow dry, flip, blow dry, head shake, flip, blow dry…
Fascinating stuff…

That hairdo is packed with enough punch to make girls riot whenever it makes an appearance, cancelling events in New York and Australia so it can be ushered away from crazed fans to safety. It’s danced and bopped through music videos featuring Usher and Ludacris, sang the National Anthem at sporting events and even made an appearance on Saturday Night Live seducing Tina Fey.

But most frighteningly, it’s started to spawn. Much like Jennifer Aniston’s first season on Friends sparked a frenzy of women getting a copycat cut known as The Rachel, Bieber’s wispy side-swept ‘do has legions of teen and preteen boys flocking to the salon for their very own jolt of cranial mojo—just don’t call it The Bieber…because then it would be silly.

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