Kanye West's Meltdowns

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Whether he's ranting or rambling, Kanye West is no stranger to throwing a tantrum and making headlines for his brute behavior. Check out this rundown of Kanye's most epic interruptions and abominations.

"George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People"

It was the phrase heard round the world when in 2005, during "A Concert for Hurricane Relief" after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, Kanye West went on an incoherent ramble about the media's portrayal of race before he came out with the one-line beauty: "George Bush doesn't care about black people" (1:30 minute mark). Funnyman Mike Myers, who was speaking alongside Kanye about the state of New Orleans, was speechless after Kanye's remark, before the camera quickly cut to Chris Tucker. 

2006 MTV Europe Music Awards

Every stage crashing aficionado has their beginnings and for Kanye, his was at the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards. Kanye rushed the stage after MTV passed up his video in favor of the group Justice's video for the Best Video award. To the snuff, Kanye told the audience that if his video didn't win the award, that the show would lose credibility. And after telling Justice not to take his rant personally because he didn't see their video, Kanye went on to list the reasons why his 'Touch Thy Sky' should have won: "cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it. I was jumping across canyons." Dear Kanye, sometimes we would rather that you jump in one of those canyons. 

2007 MTV Video Music Awards

In true Kanye fashion, award show season usually means time grease his jaw and let 'er rip. This time, at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye threw a tantrum because his performance was recorded from a Palms Casino suite rather than performed on the MTV main stage. In Kanye's verbal tirade, cursing MTV and promising that he would never return to the network, Kanye climaxes with, "give a black man a chance!" Uh, Kanye, we're pretty sure that was your third chance and you know what they say, "three strikes, you're out."

Paparazzi Smackdown

While trying to "Touch The Sky" (completely out of character), Kanye lost his cool and started attacking a paparazzi cameraman at an airport. Smashing the pap's equipment while onlookers and the victim of his wrath shouted "police, police!" Kanye was later arrested for the ordeal. 

2009 MTV Video Music Awards

It was the video that would be played on repeat on every news station, broadcast over radio waves and met with a snarl from every country good-girl lovin' teenager. The place: the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. The award: Best Female Video. In one corner: Kanye West. In the other: Taylor Swift. Just a few words into her acceptance speech, Swift was interrupted by Kanye's now infamous line, "I'ma let you finish" before exclaiming that "Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time." It was probably the most awkward 30 seconds in television history, and would force Kanye to pack up and leave the country to avoid the incredible backlash that even President Obama joined in on when he called Kanye a "jackass."

2010 Interview with Matt Lauer

In a November 2010 interview with Matt Lauer, Kanye responded to a recent interview between Matt and former President George Bush where Bush sighted that Kanye's accusation at the Katrina benefit was the lowest point in his presidency. Asking Kanye to view Bush's facial expressions on a video playback of the previous interview, Kanye is sent into a tizzy, berating Lauer for asking him to watch a video he has already seen. After telling Matt's crew to be quiet, Kanye is once again sent into a fit when a clip of his 2010 VMA Taylor Swift interruption is played saying he can't speak with the video interrupting him--now you know how it feels, Kanye.

-Kiki Von Glinow
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