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Kim Kardashian has never been shy in front of the camera. She is a master of the red carpet, gives one of the best photo shoots around, loves to use TwitPic to highlight intimate self-portraits and is never shy about making friends with the paparazzi while globetrotting. Take a look at Kim out during her travels and also see some recent highlights from magazines, calendars and more.

Kim In Action: Kardashian Photos

Baring it All for W

Kim, who admitted she regretted posing nude for Playboy in 2007, didn't look too remorseful on the cover of W magazine's art issue in November 2010. The only thing the reality star donned at one point for the very revealing shoot was silver body paint. The rest was all Kim.

Getting Risque on the Cover of Prestige

Kim Kardashian shocked everyone when she released the first image of September's Prestige Magazine cover on ay. Sporting a spiked dress and flanked on either side by oiled-up naked male models, it's pretty clear she's having some fun showing off her sexier side.

"Remember those pics I posted of me wearing that fab spiked dress by The Blonds!? Well I can now reveal it was for an exclusive shoot with Prestige magazine in Hong Kong!!! This might be one of my most risque covers to date!" Kardashian typed to promote her issue. Read More About the Issue

A Well-Oiled Machine

Kim isn't shy about her body. In August, she previewed her 2011 calendar by making her Twitter background a photo from the shoot. In the photo, Kardashian is shown all oiled up, laying on her back and wearing a skimpy bikini. "New twitter background. It's a sneak peak from an upcoming calendar shoot. It will be up only for one night!" she wrote on Twitter.

A Rendezvous with Justin

Kim and Justin Bieber pose as a couple in an intimate photo spread in the upcoming issue of Elle Magazine. The portfolio includes shots of Bieber, 16, taking photos of Kardashian, 29, in lingerie and the two of them running in the ocean holding hands. The photo shoot took place in the Bahamas in early summer.

Kim Plays with Justin's Most-Famous Asset

Kim's tweet featuring her messing with Justin's hair made headlines around celebrity sites (including ours!)

"Bahamas with my Biebs! Fun shoot!" Kim wrote. The two starred in a photo shoot at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, swimming and holding hands.

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