Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape

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Just another one of your average socialites running in fast crowds with the likes of the Hilton sisters and Nicole Richie, sure Kim Kardashian had her list of famous exes (Diddy, The Game, Nick Lachey) but she still seemed to wear the ‘good girl’ hat among her group of friends. But--lights, camera, action--apparently Kim’s mother never told her the age-old adage, ‘if you make a sex tape, it’s going to get out.’

In early 2007, news spread of the existence of a sex tape featuring Kim and her then-boyfriend, Ray J (singer Brandy’s little bro). Men everywhere salivated at the possibility of seeing the sexy Kim in the midst of coitus...and they weren't disappointed. Not only did the tape exist, the video was splashed all over the internet for every teenage boy and grown man alike armed with high-speed connection. Soon everyone was living vicariously through a fantasy night with the voluptuous stunner.
Although Kim denied any involvement with the tape’s release, adult film company Vivid Entertainment won the purchasing rights with a bid of $1 million to an anonymous source. Kim later sued Vivid over ownership rights of the tape, but later dropped the suit in favor of a $5 million settlement.

In a prime example of turning lemons into a lucrative career, following the tape’s release, Kim didn’t shy away from her new sex symbol image—she landed the covers of Complex and Playboy magazines later that year. And in October of 2007, Kim made it off of dimly lit room computer screens and into the living rooms of millions with the debut of the Kardashian clan’s hit show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Her household name status was spawned from questionable beginnings that she calls “humiliating”, but coincidence or not, she's now one of Hollywood’s favorite black-haired beauties.
-Kiki Von Glinow

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