Miley Cyrus's Most Scandalous Photos

From Disney darling to Disney-defying, Miley Cyrus has come a long way from her blond wig sporting, Hannah Montana days. But with 'maturity' comes temptation and Miley proves that she's tasted the forbidden apple. From smoking salvia to gyrating in skin-tight leotards that leave little to the imagination, Miley's sex symbol status has her running with the best of them.  

Vanity Fair
In the spring of 2008, when Miley was only 15 years old, she posed for Vanity Fair's famed Annie Leibovitz. But the shoot soon took a turn toward scandal when Miley was asked to pose nude holding only a sheet in front of her. The photo sent Miley's fan's parents into a tizzy before she apologized for the shoot that greatly "embarrassed" her. 

But this baby-got-back shot would soon prove to be the least of Miley's most scandalous pics. 

The 2009 Teen Choice Awards got more than an eyeful of the "mature" poptart. After emerging from an onstage trailer, Miley took trailer park fashion to a whole new level wit her ripped t-shirt and black short shorts. She didn't help out her trailer park homies who can't seem to catch a break in the stereotype department when she proceeded to pole dance while serving up a full order of 'Party in the USA.'

Charles Sykes, AP
With bandanna in hair (Tupac anyone?), Miley took the adage, 'less is more' to the extreme. Wearing leather hot shorts and a cut-out mesh top, Miley definitely proved that Americans do have more fun while belting out 'Party in the USA.' Way to represent Miley!

Getty Images
At a summer 2010 concert in Canada, Miley belted out her bad girl anthem, 'Can't Be Tamed' in this white leotard with fly-away arm straps. This bondage style get-up was taken to the next level when Miley began kicking her leg in the air, giving photogs the classic "crotch shot"--or what they call in Hollywood, 'the money shot." 

Peter Steffen, EPA / Landou
For a performance on the German TV show, Wetten Dass, Miley took the stage...without her pants! Forget a pair of hot shorts or a leotard under her completely see-through get-up, Miley took the stage in nothing but her knickers.
Miley once again made headlines for sucking in some scandal except instead of a barely there outfit came a pretty damning video--a jarring look at Miley experimenting with the legal (yet, highly hallucinogenic) drug salvia. In the video, Miley takes a healthy bong hit before saying, "I'm about to lose it now." One word of advice Miley: if they're leaking videos of your hallucinating highs, they're not your friends. 

-Kiki Von Glinow

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