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Famous Movie Locations: Houseboat From 'Sleepless in Seattle' (Seattle, WA) {Moviefone Blog}

Sep 12th 2010 4:58PM

I'm really tired of these articles about movies that insult our intelligence! NO KIDDING! They are shot on a sound stage! WE KNOW THAT! I don't need an article telling me this! SHEESH! Write something I don't already know! LOL!

Luxist Giveaway: Win A CHI Air Flash Styling Wand {Luxist}

Jun 23rd 2010 10:59PM

I'd love to win one! Sign me up! :D

Watch: Pink Gets Wet for Grammy Performance {PopEater}

Feb 1st 2010 3:16PM

I agree! It was totally awesome! She did a wonderful job and it was an incredibly stunning performance!

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