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'Idol' Judge Kara DioGuardi Strips Naked for Allure {PopEater}

Apr 13th 2010 9:48AM

Men don't "have to do this" because they're more secure with themselves and don't have other people tell them they're beautiful to feel beautiful. And neither do I.

Shamecrushes -- We Confess Our Most Loathsome, Lowly Infatuations {Lemondrop}

Mar 20th 2010 1:35PM

Jeff- You think there is something wrong with these ladies?! You are a demented piece of filth.

As much as I hate on females myself, good Lord, the guys on here need to chill. "We confess our most loathsome, lowly infatuations", what do you not get about that title? They aren't necessarily proud of them, but they are what they are. And for some reason decided to make an article displaying them. Do you not understand that you can't really help who you are attracted to? That being said, I could never find a serial killer attractive, but that's because they don't have the attributes that I'm attracted to. I'm just a wee bit surprised that it wasn't Richard Ramirez up there instead of or along with Bundy, most women who you hear of having a crush on serial killers usually go for him.

My lowly crush, not infatuation, yet, would have to be Pete Doherty as well. I want to marry him. Never have sex with him though. Couldn't live with myself. Probably literally.

Spanish baby engineered to save brother {ParentDish}

Oct 17th 2008 1:26PM

"If they were going to have another child eventually, what's wrong
with it?"

If they were waiting, it's most likely they were waiting for a
reason. And ten years is an awful long age gap for someone to be
waiting. Waiting until their child was away from home and going to
college to have another?

And people can't tell me just because I haven't had a child I don't
know the love. I'm helping to raise my nephew and he's as good as
mine. I just couldn't live with the guilt knowing that I brought a
child into this world just for his blood, not because I was wanting
him. How would I feel if I was that second child? Used. I would go
through the feelings that my parents didn't love me, they only wanted
something from me for someone they did love. At any rate I'm sure they
would end up loving their second child, just in a completely different

Unfortunately, people aren't even asking what the sick child wants. I'm chronically sick and if someone had to be brought into the world for me to live, I wouldn't want that weight on my shoulders if there were only a chance I would be healthy again.

And as an "oops baby", I have NEVER felt unwanted. I was unexpected, if my parents didn't want me, they knew their choices.

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