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Self-Boarding Gates Debut At Las Vegas Airport {Gadling}

Aug 18th 2012 12:30PM

Great so more unemployed workers. We don't have jobs for all the people as it is and now these stupid companys are finding ways to get rid of more. As a nation we have to all come together and tell these compies to stop all this crap. Another case where the rich want cut out the little guy.

Guess all us Americans will need to move to a foreign country to be able to work and support our families.

Confirmed: Kim Kardashian Has Set a Wedding Date {PopEater}

Jun 27th 2011 10:43AM

Can't really disagree with you all this reality TV stinks. But, they are pretty smart they are making money hand over fist and will be very well off when this is all said and done.

Mom Allegedly Threatens Little League Official Because Her Son Didn't Make the Team {ParentDish}

Jun 21st 2011 2:34PM

"Today" reports Chiauzzi's attorney calls the allegations "shocking" and he states the woman is a "PTA mom" and that she is not guilty.

Seriously just because she is a PTA mom does not make her not guilty. If they have the letters I would think that it would be pretty hard to say she didn't do it .... the mom needs to seek help before she ends up killing someone.

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