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The Five Worst Food Network Shows {AOL TV}

Nov 20th 2010 8:13AM

First off Ann Burell is not boring, I think she has a strong sense of humor that you cannot relate too, I also have seen her mention several times the tricks she is using from her restraunt and they are pretty good tricks that seem to be different than what other chefs do.
As for Beverly Hills Chef I think we are supposed to enjoy the humor and some easy drama rather than learn new recipes... that is how I view it an I love it. Now as for the other three you are so spot on... They are so boring I am not sure how they stay on the air. However different people need different things and we can't watch the Food Network all day so I will just deal with turning the channel when they come on. thanks!!!!!

What Happens if You Decline a Full Body Scan? {AOL Travel News}

Nov 17th 2010 8:00AM

My problem is that none of the above comments are really correct, in-other- words people need to do a little more research. First people are selected at random to be offered the choice between a pat down or a scan. The sequence of selection is probably not ever going to be made public as then the terrorist could avoid being selected. Now if you choose a scan the pictures are not pornographic they are of scan quality and are not images that should evoke any erotic feelings whatsoever, nor are their any health risk as you get more radiation from the plane ride itself than the scanner. If you choose the pat down then that is what you have chosen -an invasive pat down- It is supposed to be invasive, otherwise it would be useless. You can have it done in private or right where you are BUT YOU CHOSE THAT!!! The TSA didn't choose it for you.
I am also tired of hearing about how this is an invasion of your privacy. It is not!!! You do not have a constitutional right to fly and the Government or private companies can place whatever restrictions on it they please (just as if you were getting a drivers license.) Americans have just been spoiled up to this point but in many countries these pat downs and scans are common place.
Now as for the TSA people being freaks or perverts- so far all I have seen in any airport are well mannered individuals trying to do thier jobs against a disrespectful public who doesn't want to admit that what they are doing is for protection not sexual perversion.
It seems the only way you people are going to see the light is if a plane goes down, that kind of enlightenment would then rest on your shoulders and your concience not TSA's as they have tried their hardest. Good luck to all!!!!

Rocker Nancy Wilson Files for Divorce From Director Cameron Crowe {PopEater}

Sep 24th 2010 4:51AM

Well the best to both of them, but it always sucks when love loses......... Especially between these two....

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