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Steve Salton's Tigers, Leopards at His Home Are Dragging Down Home Values, Neighbors Say {AOL Real Estate}

Feb 9th 2013 11:10AM

I'm all for nature in it's appropriate place. Ts & Ls do NOT belong in a residential area in the USA. I am a World Class, Master, Professional Dog Breeder, known arounds the world in my breed & I could NOT get a kennel license in NJ or Pa.. despite a record of safety, care & cleanliness BAR NONE yggat my previous kennel which due to being 70 became too much work & trouble, with the boarders & grooming customers; which I needed to have for income; as I never made a profit on dog breeding. This forces people to buy from pet shops, puppy farms & back yard breeders. People in the USA are very unsophisticated about dogs, unlike Europeans. After all, the creme de la creme did not emigrate to the USA !! No one is perfect & animals in the best facility have gotten loose. Those who advocate for this situation are flaunting their 100 IQ.

David Hoffman of Marin County, Calif., Ordered to Tear Down Sustainable Home He Built for 40 Years {AOL Real Estate}

Jul 12th 2012 3:21PM

HE owns the property. US gov. is TOOOOOOOOOOOO intrusive. LOTS of people run a business from home & why not. As long as it does not bother the neighbors then leave him alone. My experience with zoning boards is they all work for someone & don't have control over their own life. So they want to boss other people around. Luckily the inspector realized this & allowed me to operate with my improvements until Spring when blacktop would be available for paving the parking lot; which was MY idea NOT their demand.
All wooden houses have building permits but are death traps.

Know When It's Time to Choose a New Vet {Pawnation OLD}

Jan 24th 2012 6:44PM

We R all btween a rock & a hard place. This is not for rescue cats but from pure bred show catteries; as oppossed to pet shop cats or cats bred from pet or pet shop cats. Lifetime show breeders keep & breed the creme de la creme in health, structure, coat & temperament. THEREFORE over time they can consistently have better quality cats on offer, using quality control. They know their line, it's possible problems plus what does & does not work in medical care & medications. If your breeder is anywhere nearby ask for recommendations or owners of their breeding local to you that could reccomend a vet.

In dogs it is very much the same. I use daily heartworm I order thru the mail. I pay $78.00 for 1,000 - 200 mg pills for up to 80 lb dog. free shipping. That is 2 1/2 years worth if given every day, inc. over the winter. That is $31.50 per year. MUCH CHEAPER than monthly, particularly for multiple dog households. Pancake syrup on a spoon & pills on top are DEVOWERED by 1 & all. After the 1`st year DHPP need only be given every 3 years at most, same as rabies ( which are free at clinics). Para I give when I expect the dogs will be exposed to other dogg, as it is airborn. Except rabies I can get the shots thru the mail for about $2.00 each; needles too. DHPP is subq. Para is intranasal. Virtually anyone can give these innocs. If you have your dog from a pro breeder you can observe the tecnique & then do it yourself. I have for over 60 years. The closer you are to a pro breeder the more you can learn. FOR ANYTHING ELSE i GO TO A VET; preferably to one that treats the dogs of pro breeders ( not COMMERCIAL). mY VET IS A PARAGON & i'M LUCKY. hE ALSO GIVES SENIOR DISCOUNTS. That said : I have an Eagle eye & notice EVERYTHING. I see things other dog owners do not. When I tell my vet a symptom even if he can't see it, he believes ME. I can look in a dogs eyes & see something is wrong internally. I only go to the vet if I MUST: not yearly. If you learn how to do things for yourself, then you save MUCHO $. I don't do yearely bloodwork for HW. I give the pills EVERY day. They swallow them FOR SURE with the syrup sitting at my feet. I've used them since HW was determined to be a country wide problem, in the 1960's. Once they were no longer mfgd in the US or Germany I searched the web for ONE WEEK every day & found a place selling them. HURRAH! If you are 100 % faithful in giving pills the dogs are safe. The med is VERY low in toxicity, needing 5X the HW dose to be used to kill round worm; I don't use it for that, but know the details. A full grown dog from Conn had HW when I acquired her. The vet missed the vein & all the skin on her front leg died & fell off. DONT ASK. At that time Arsenic was used for killing the HW. So I surely made sure that I gave the pills VERY FAITHFULLY.
My vet says the VMAssoc. requires every dog be given a health check once a year before any treatment or they get into SERIOUS trouble. So I just don't go without real cause. Vets are like Drs.. plenty with a license but not always universally suited to ALL clients. Pick & choose wisely & use a pro breeder, if you were smart enough to buy from one for a refferal. Besides LOVING their dogs they have 20, 30 & 40 years of planning, work & investment to come up with that SUPER one that will benefit the breed, & can't take a chance on loosing it, as they won't live long enough to do it again; so MUST have an A#1 vet.

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