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All Signs Point to Divorce for Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren {PopEater}

Dec 17th 2009 12:53AM

Iamginethat- my my my...i guess that you will never learn! Please take your own advice and GET A LIFE and stop trolling Tiger Woods forums telling everyone not to care! Why do you care if people care about this or any story? Do you really understand how silly/dumb you sound when you are on forums telling everyone that it does not matter what happens to TW and it won't affect their lives? If it does not matter then why are you on here to telling everyone it does not matter. Why waste your time telling everyone not to worry about it on a subject you deem useless? I'll tell you why you are a narcissists!

I have seen your type a million times..."I am smarter then everybody else, I will just tell them how smart I am!", "nobody sees it like I do". I got news for you pal stop worrying about other peoples business and get back to your job at McDonald's because the fries are getting overcooked!!

Tiger Woods' Real Estate Portfolio: What's Up for Grabs in a Divorce {Shelterpop}

Dec 16th 2009 11:31AM

Imaginethat- i thought that you said you were going to stop being a voyeur? Stay off this post and you won't have a problem. I did not make my post a "no reply", i think you are just not sharp enough to figure it out! ha ha
take your own advice and leave pal! leave tiger alone!

Tiger Woods' Real Estate Portfolio: What's Up for Grabs in a Divorce {Shelterpop}

Dec 16th 2009 2:12AM

kevin quinn said "She is at fault to some degree. She has big time $ in her eye's. She is in noway a good mother."

First of all are you drunk or slow? How do you know if she has $ in her eyes and that she is not a good mother? Are you related to them? Kevin Quinn is a dumb dumb

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