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Nancy Grace Wants Wrongful Death Lawsuit to Be Off Camera {PopEater}

Jan 26th 2010 4:57PM

Ms Grace clearly showed gross cultural insensitivity with her prejudicial attitude during the interview humiliated and embarrased a young mother with typical Philipino-American conservative values into acute depression, psychosis, and suicide. Why should Ms Grace not experience similar public scrutiny of this victim? At least she will simply continue her show,,,which is forever tarnished and should be placed off air by CNN HLN.

Is Hip Hop to Blame for J.R. Smith's Accident? {Fanhouse NBA Blog}

Jun 14th 2007 10:03AM

This is a time to be supportive and not critical of JRs tragic driving mistake.He is a good young man who now more than ever needs our support to heal from this and improve his game to the potential all star he could become. I would like to have seen him spend a few years at North Carolina to mature before entering the NBA but we need to look foward and hope he can recover from this. His talent is there but can he heal these wounds?? Lets all hope he can---send him love. JLM

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