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What I Learned From 12 Hours As a Bombshell {MyDaily}

Mar 25th 2011 8:50PM

Well Autumn, you should add your own before/after to the list you made in earlier years! I think you look much prettier & younger before the makeover...and much more friendly too!

Parents Try to Scare Daughter With Trip to Police, but They're the Ones Busted {ParentDish}

Feb 24th 2011 7:58PM

Gerald, I'm with you!! I wonder if the morons who agreed with the cops have kids. Of if they do, how those kids act. I'd love to know when kids became the rulers of the roost. It's disgraceful to see how so many kids have no respect at all...not for their parents or any other authority figure & not even for themselves. I would bet my last buck that in 10 years if this kid is arrested for grand theft auto those same cops will be blaming the parents for the lack of discipline!!

New York Parents Fit to be Tied Over Racy Homework Assignment {ParentDish}

Oct 10th 2010 12:24PM

Never having read the book I can't fully pick one side or the other since the parents' comments aren't in context. All I know is I read "Go Ask Alice" in high school & while it was full of sex without love & drugs & had a ton of profanity, it was really a story about how the first two would ruin your life & couldn't be told in an honest way without the profanity. So I would have to say if this book was written in the same way, I would definitely have no problem allowing my high school honors kid read it. Maybe these outraged parents should actually read the book before crucifying a teacher who seems to want her students to think.

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