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White Poodle Gives Birth to Eight Black Puppies {Pawnation OLD}

Sep 7th 2009 6:48PM

I just adopted a puppy who was rescued from a backyard along with 9 other dogs this weekend. I agree that there are so many dogs that need good homes that breeding is ust making an already bad problem even worse. Breeders don't care what happens to the dogs once they're sold, all they want to know about is the money!

Heidi's 'Body Language' Is All Over Miss Universe Pageant {PopEater}

Aug 24th 2009 9:11AM

That was horrendous! First of all, could her shoes be any less sexy I ask? We're they orthopedic or something because they looked ridiculous. Secondly, that outfit was attrocious! Didn't she have a full length mirror available to her? And third, she really shouldn't be dancing. My dead grandmother dances better than that! The best part about her performance was the fact that she was able to lip sync her way through. Get it together Heidi because you just made a total fool of yourself in front of millions of people. No amount of money can buy talent, remember that!

Seal Reveals His Fashion Design Faves and More {Blackvoices Main}

Apr 25th 2009 9:53AM

In response to Black Moses's comment "But hey, if there wasn't such union how would the Black's insatiable appetite for light and bright mates be met?" Is that not a racist statement? C'mon people wake up and smell 2009. I can only hope for the sake of our interracial children's sakes, that by the time they become adults, racism will have died out along with the rest of you dinosaurs! It's skin color GET OVER IT!!! We all bleed red, we are all human beings. Let us fill our hearts with love, kindness and most importantly, tollerance. We have been brainwashed by the system but we have the ability to choose our actions. Why harbor feelings of hatred in your heart when the giving and receiving of love is the all-time best feeling in the world??? I hope that each person who reads my post will take at least one minute out of their day to seriously consider my message. The more love you give out the more you receive. Why not give it a try? =)

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