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One of These Eligible Royals May Be Your Prince Charming {AOL Royal Wedding}

Apr 7th 2011 3:41PM

OK, now how about equal time for the us the eligible ladies!

Volkswagen Jetta ranked last among small sedans by Consumer Reports {Autoblog}

Apr 5th 2011 5:47PM

I stopped reading Consumers Reports years ago because of mis-information like this. Yes, VW moved the Jetta "downstream" a bit which in my opinion was a wrong thing to do, and the rear-end looks awful - it needs the German-looking taillights from the Golf. If VW wants to save money on the Jetta (and the Golf, too), it should go back to 16 or even 15 inch wheels & tires (save at least a grand right there, probably more); it they really have the guts to try something different, they can make power windows optional (with AC standard, who needs to open a window for air?)....that'll save at least $1500. Give me a simpler sound system and that's another couple hundred bucks saved. So CR liked the Chevy Cruze better? Now THAT'S a cheap car, with a tiny back seat, narrow opening rear doors, and a crowded, cluttered feel in the front thanks!

Fox Gives 'Breaking In' Another Chance {AOL TV}

Jun 29th 2010 4:33PM

If FOX wants to "bring back" some of their cancelled shows, how about bringing back "Herman's Head", or "Briscoe Country", or even "Sliders" (from the first season only, before it turned into a "monster of the week" joke).

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