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'Teen Mom' Under Investigation for Domestic Abuse in Front of Child {PopEater}

Oct 20th 2010 4:48PM

Yeah Jim! Let's get on AOL and correct people on their grammar! Loser...

Public Speech 'Too Soon' for Kelly Preston {PopEater}

Aug 31st 2009 9:30AM

I think,its out of place loosing a parent its natural so,...but loosing a child is not,it is very
painful to loose family but you move on and remember them with love,and cry on bithdays,mother's or father's day ,but actually mourning for your child,has nothing to do with the level of pain that emptyness,only a mother can understand,you can wait to see them again,my daugther left to iran last year,to serve our country,and she is been close to dead couple of have no idea how i feel when she does not call me for a month,and i can't call her everytime the phone rings ,I thing on 2 things may be is her,or maybe bad news,every day is tough,I see my self in the mirror from last year to this day I look 20 years older and only one yeaar has passed.

DJ AM Found Dead in New York {PopEater}

Aug 29th 2009 3:29AM

this is been a hell of a summer Farrah,Michael jackson,that old dude from shangai,this other dude that was the joker,natasah richarsons,and now DJ ADam,incridible curse por public people,and seem that some people that are writting in this blog ,don't even know who is he,with all my respects reseach before you write,because it relly sound very rude,specially for fans and his family. the most important thing is that he was a very talensn very young man,and he overdosage on presciption drugs,we all shoudl be offended and angry,with the board of medicines ,the bad doctor,and pharmaciuticals.what would happen if you have a child,adult or child,and his doctor hooks him up to treat a hyperactivity,or depprecion,ect'''end then he can get away from those and start inventing symptoms so doctor give him more,but ok,there had to be closly monitor,and given sin short periods of time,and the doctors need to take resposability on tell patient that they will start decrasing the dosage,and peridicly have the person take random blood test.i don't know but this is totally getting out of hands

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