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Dana Nance of Houston Says She Unwittingly Rented Home to Marijuana Grow Operation {AOL Real Estate}

Aug 26th 2012 10:08PM

Brian, what you are suggesting ("no notice entree at any time" agreement with the tenant)is not even aloud on apt lease. A note or notice has to be provided prior to entry the property. I do not have anything to hide but do not like the thought of someone walking in on my home while I am not there. Look at that Real Estate Agent that suppose to show a home for sale and his was going in the property stealing items. I forgot his name. Is no one to trust these days.

Dana Nance of Houston Says She Unwittingly Rented Home to Marijuana Grow Operation {AOL Real Estate}

Aug 26th 2012 9:21PM

I have been living in my current home as a tenant for the last 6+ years. My lease contract has a portion that reads, if anyone besides the lease person stay in the lease home for more than 4 days to contact landlord with name and how long they will stay. That was it. I have never met my landlords on all the years I have been living here. I lease this property thru a real estate agent. If I need it to commnicate with the landlords we did it by emails or phone. What about the landlords that abuse the tenants honesty. I came home one day and found an eviction notice on my door that I need to vacate the property. You can imagine my reaction. I find out my landlords have pocket my rent money for the last 9+ months and when I question the letter at my door they told me that was not for me to worry about. They pocket $15.600 + the $2,500 deposit and now I have to move. I have rights as a tenant but is taking the state of congress to get someone to do anything for me. Call here call there and no one returns a call. All I want is a new lease contract and pay my rent!! So is not always the tenants that do things wrong you have landlords out there that abuse theor tenants.

Details About Prince William and Kate's California Trip Revealed {PopEater}

Jun 15th 2011 1:24PM

Good grief....we should be glad they are visiting the great USA. They could choose some other place besides here. I know not to many people care about British life but is a reason why they have Kings and Queens over the UK. Each country has their own cultures and beliefs, why people can accept that. I am sure they think Americans are different as well. I personally find it interesting. I wish them well as I know William & Harry grew up with so many challenges after they loss their mother. God Bless them....

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